Did you miss us last week?

We’re getting back to our roots – exchanging wisdom in small group discussions – and we taking a break from our regular publishing schedule, so you might have missed us in your inbox last week.

Or maybe not, but anyway….

Like our writing, WiseTribe discussion groups are entertaining and different though always authentic, but don’t take our word for it: see the comments from last week’s participants below and hear it directly from members of this awesome NYC tribe.

“The Wise Tribe gathering was such an uplifting evening. It was a wonderful mix of laughter, heartfelt conversation and the realization that we all have a lifetime of experience to share. I hope to be able to get back together with everyone soon.”

Mary M.

“Wise Tribe, in its inception, offers a rethinking of community and service. It could well be a powerful new paradigm of caring and sharing for our technology-riddled world.”

Maureen M.

“The WiseTribe event was enlightening, uplifting, authentic, and created deep connections with each person in the group. I can’t wait for our next one!”

Jennifer B

“I was really impressed with how WiseTribe got us all laughing one minute and then seriously reflecting on our lives in the next minute. There really wasn’t a dull moment.”

Tom N.

“WiseTribe was a great place for people to share their experiences, both good and bad, through human contact versus text, email, etc.  Everyone’s story was so different but yet we still shared so many common threads.  That was cool. It was a great place for anyone wondering “is this all there is? What do I do with the wisdom gained throughout my life?”  Pass it on!”

Lori C.

“It was a great way to learn and grow from other people’s experiences and perspectives. I’ve never been to anything quite like it before and I’m really looking forward to the next WiseTribe event.”

Terri P.

We are sincerely grateful to all who participated and we owe a big thanks to our host,  The Healing Zone, a health food store and wellness center in New Smyrna Beach, FL.  More than one person commented that WiseTribe felt almost spiritual; we are certain this incredibly welcoming venue had something to do with that.

Stay tuned, as we plan to continue to pop into your inbox from time to time, but we really hope to pop into your neighborhood to learn from and gather your wisdom – in person.

Now, I’ve just got to design the “killer app” to put all this powerful life wisdom to use for all generations.  If you’ve got ideas, let’s chat.


Jacqueline Botting is the founder and a contributing writer to WiseTribe. She is a technology business developer in the U.S. and overseas for start-ups and Fortune 1000s. She’s a proponent of owning less to live more and believes greater contemplative practices in our daily lives and social institutions make our world a better place. She splits her time between LA, NYC and Florida. Connect with Jacqueline on LinkedInTwitter or Google +.

Check out our blog for more insights on how WiseTribe secures our present and future. Join us to contribute your ideas!

You should jump in here. Like it? Not so much? Have something to say about it? Let us know by adding a comment. This is your community.

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