The 12 days of #wiseways

A musical start to a more peaceful, wiser world in 2016 … and beyond.

WiseTribe loves to bring community members together in fun and meaningful ways. Sometimes, we even embrace a little bit of the silly. C’mon, we all know it’s good for the collective soul.

As you can see from the picture, and will see and hear from our brand new “12 days of #wiseways” video, we took a walk on the silly side — but we mean it too.

Whatchoo talkin’ about, WiseTribe?

We love the holidays, no doubt. At one of our recent get-togethers, we had some fun re-imagining the Christmas classic “The 12 Days of Christmas” with our #wiseways concepts. We were very fortunate to have the joyful spirits of our Boca Raton, Fla. community members collectively create our new song.

What do we mean by #wiseways? Simply this: It’s our platform to give people of every generation a voice and the means to express themselves toward a world we want to live in. #wiseways is a “generative” campaign for expressing positive and constructive ideas by “We the People” for improving our communities. Together, we aim to create the world we want to live in based on the sustainable Native American principle of the 7th generation.

Unpacking #wiseways

Could we fit them all into a song? Well, we tried! Here’s what’s driving our thinking for the #wiseways campaign:

  • Our world can be a better place, for us and future generations;
  • Let’s imagine bold possibilities for a World we want to live in & pass on;
  • Calculate Collective-Intelligence x Social-Imagination;
  • = voice and expression of “We the People” for a wiser world;
  •  via a positive, expressive campaign called #wiseways,
  • In the quest for a sustainable civilization for the 7th generation, and beyond.

Yes, that’s a lot to take in while you’re sucking on a candy cane. Rest assured, there won’t be a test. We look forward to rolling out more information about how you can participate in #wiseways in 2016.

Ready to sing?

On the 12th day of #wiseways, my WiseTribe gave to me …

  • 12 humans caring
  • 11 dreamers dreaming
  • 10 elders sharing
  • 9 Boomers booming
  • 8 Gen-Xers gaming
  • 7 Millennials texting
  • 6 Gen-Zs coding
  • 5 generations wiser togetherrrrrrrrrr!
  • For a cleaner Earth
  • 3 political parties
  • 2-sided story
  • And a peaceful, wiser world….

Can you feel the fun? WiseTribe appreciates the importance of serious, meaningful conversation but we recognize the undeniable value of fun and play in building bonds, revving up the imagination — and the joy of co-creating with others.

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, warm Kwanzaa wishes and otherwise happy holidays!

Your friends at WiseTribe

Generations wiser together

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