Creating a New Super Being


Mary Magan has imagineered a New Super Being. Mary further explains her #wiseways project:

“Why don’t we give children, and ourselves, a new folklore character to put our faith in – a representation of our Highest Self?”

She envisions a mythical Sea Gypsy, wearing long strips of blank paper streaming from her, as if sleeves. Roaming the beach, she encourages people to tear off a piece of paper, write their biggest fears and give it back to be burned in her cauldron. Mary captured our imagination… how powerful to create an icon – perhaps with its own national day – representing the release of our fears in the name of realizing our High Self.

What’s #wiseways?

#wiseways are YOUR transformational ideas towards new and positive change in our communities, which WiseTribe converts into a collaborative learning-by-doing experience for turning ideas into reality over a 90 day period. You gain new connections/Tribe, new skills and catalyze positive change from #wiseways.

Our design thinking workshops help you build a solid plan –and gain a supportive Tribe of people who “see” your vision – for further implementing your #wiseways over 90 days.  Mary proposes creating a new super hero for future generations – “The New Super Being,” calling us to rise beyond our instinctive pull towards fear and judgement and celebrate our Higher Self.  Imagine if we could bring this New Super Being to life.  How could we positively influence future generations? How could the New Super Being help us understand how fear has institutional control over everything we do — how we create, relate, live and trade?

Do you “see” the power of a New Super Being? Excellent. Join us May 14th at Florida Atlantic University to become a co-creative tribe in designing and furthering this idea and let’s see what we can create in 90 days!

Mary is currently seeking several experts to support her in this #wiseways project, including Imagineers, Actors and Storytellers.  Mary will not be able to attend the Solutionism event but this amazing transformative #wiseways is seeking a project leader.

If you can support her #wiseways project or know someone who can, please contact us at

And if you have a #wiseways project idea of your own, please fill out our survey and RSVP for our upcoming Wisdom Exchange and Solutionism events by emailing us at: – We’d love to see you there!

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