Feeding Every Child Born

newjosieThere’s a new #wiseways project on the horizon and we are looking for experts, mentors and volunteers to help this project shine.

Global Soul Project’s mission is to end hunger through what Josie Smith Malave terms ‘systemic SOULutions™.’ This includes education, youth empowerment and creative community building. Josie further explains:

“Our goal is to create equal opportunity and nurturing for every child born into this world. Our projects and initiatives are designed to help children, young leaders and their families. We operate from a principle that a FED world is a thriving one where all life matters. Our vision is to impact the lives of millions of starving children and undernourished families. The fact is, as long as we are throwing away over 250 million pounds of food each day in this country alone, and while over 40 million people go starving each day, again – in this country alone, then our work is necessary.”

The Global Soul Project is seeking Tribe with experts in logistics, fundraising, legal, agriculture/permaculture/environmental, and project director, as well as volunteers to join them in the co-creation of what will make a huge impact on the lives and health of every child born.

Join WiseTribe.Us in a collaborative effort to further these #wiseways and more on May 14th at FAU for our Solutionism workshop from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

Meet cool new people through dynamic learning-by-doing experiences while creating for the common good and towards a better future – a #wiseland.

And if you have a #wiseways project idea of your own, please fill out our survey and RSVP for our upcoming Wisdom Exchange and/or Solutionism events by emailing us at:  together@wisetribe.us – We’d love to see you there!

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