Changing the Way We Look at Education

GabbyWe have a new #wiseways project from a wise-thinking young woman and we believe this is not just for our South Florida community, but should go global, as well.

Gabby Gibson’s #wiseways is about recognizing and rebuilding the art of failure. During our interview, I got a chance to get to know Gabby a bit better and well… we’ll let you in on the interview:

Can you explain your #wiseways project?

“Failure isn’t just a fall on your face and make a mistake type of feeling. It leaves us with this feeling of inadequacy. In education, failure defines and limits us. But, by integrating and allowing failure and the idea of success to collaborate, we create an environment that allows students to feel worthy to be and make a difference.”

What was your ‘Aha! Moment?’

“This idea sparked when I found a sense of love and acceptance in my academic life. For me, school wasn’t just a place where I could grow academically, but personally, too. I believe that education is not just bubbling in scantrons. I believe purpose cannot be defined by a test score.”

How is your #wiseways project progressing and how is it being encouraged?

“This year, I had the privilege of serving on the Student Government of FAU, working directly with the schools most passionate and bright young leaders. Because of this, my vision for this project was encouraged and when I came across WiseTribe.Us, I took a leap in hopes to make my vision a reality.”

What do you see for the future of your #wiseways project?

“In the future, I’d hope to see more students realizing that they have the ability to lead, make a change, and be a voice in their education, no matter the numbers or test scores or GPA. It is important for me that even while students strive to receive acceptance letters, they know that they are accepted and valued by the University beyond test scores and ranking – that the school values them as world changers for who they are and as they are. People underestimate the power of seeing value in each other and I believe change is in the power of connectivity.”


This is a positively brilliant initiative she has dreamed up! And we are eager to assist in bringing her vision to life.

Gabby is seeking Tribe with experts in mentorship, project management support, public relations and facility/venue space, as well as volunteers to join her in co-creating what will change the way we look at education.

Join WiseTribe.Us in a collaborative effort to further these #wiseways and more on May 14th at FAU for our Solutionism workshop from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

Meet cool new people through dynamic learning-by-doing experiences while creating for the common good and towards a better future – a #wiseland.

And if you have a #wiseways project idea of your own, please fill out our survey and RSVP for our upcoming Wisdom Exchange and/or Solutionism events by emailing us at: – We’d love to see you there!

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