Serendipity Shows You Your Path

They say when serendipity strikes you know you’re on the right path. With the EKOTECTURE Project, I got a double dose.

Photo May 14, 10 42 30 AM
Jill Karlin Butler presenting EKOTECTURE Vision at FAU, May 2016.

I met Jill Karlin Butler, a visionary in her own right, who is pursuing a project called EKOTECTURE as part of WiseTribe’s pilot program with Florida Atlantic University.

EKOTECTURE is her late husband’s vision to build architecture that exists off of 100% natural energy while accounting for all sorts of climate change considerations. A direct disciple of Buckminster Fuller, EKOTECTURE would have been Lee Butler’s second innovation leveraging the Earth as a power source. The “geothermal envelope” which cools & heats a house was his first.

The ultimate vision for WiseTribe is in how we live better together in terms of physical space. The vision Jill holds for our collective future with EKOTECTURE is so well aligned with the world I see arriving…and sooner than we think. So serendipity #1.

14124872_10154514459612708_6437876567383613974_oDon, an architecture for close to 50 years & who will be 90 in January, is the second slice of serendipity. He joined the EKOTECTURE “Tribe” in May to assist with furthering this project. He and Jill have known each other(-ish) through church for years though not well. Their collaborating through WiseTribe’s first pilothas forged a much more meaningful relationship between them. It also opened a new social circle for Don and, in turn, inspired so many of us to rethink what’s possible from our elderly. Reducing isolation and making better use of our country’s natural resources – Our People – has been a big part of “the why” for WiseTribe.

Drawings for complete community development based on EKOTECTURE system.

And Don has been one busy-bee… not only revising architectural drawings for EKOTECTURE homes, he has drawn a FULLY COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY based on the EKOTECTURE system which are the drawings you see below (towne center, performing arts theater and community pool).

Oh! And all of this is intended to float, which is one of the reasons a leading FL university called last week to discuss partnering with EKOTECTURE in building the first prototype!

Everything is possible, so dream big.

Come join us September 24th at Old School Square for our first WiseTribe Celebration showcasing what we’ve co-created since May as Tribes of diverse people all wanting the same thing – a better future.


Don Edge and Jill Butler Karlin.
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