Finally, talking about Managing the Disruption

We are very excited WiseTribe founder, Jacqueline Botting, had the opportunity to participate in the intimate Managing the Disruption Conference hosted by The Greene Institute April 2 – April 3 2017 in Palm Beach.

This conference focused squarely on the questions that drove her to found WiseTribe: how are the masses going to adapt to the emerging socio-economic revolution and how do we wish to evolve psychologically and culturally.

Widely recognized thought leaders, including Thomas Friedman, Ray Kurzweil, Larry Summers, Governor Chris Christie, and of course, Jeff Greene were among distinguished speakers.

Larry Summers, Jeff Greene, Thomas Friedman and Ray Kurzweil discussing the rate of change as now exponential, and greater than at any time in human history and predicted and unpredictable impacts.


Thomas Friedman and Governor Chris Christie, two powerful men, two very different views on the future, particularly in relation to politics. However, both agree we’re in a crisis of values.

A blog post recapping the conversation with her insights is forthcoming. The high points for her however were being welcomed as a VIP attendee, the TAKEAWAY slide validating WiseTribe’s current community project, Dysfunctions of the Decades & a Functional Future, and, the best of all, lunch with Thomas Friedman, one of her favorite thinkers and authors.

These are precisely the questions WiseTribe is pursuing -at the community level- with Dysfunctions of the Decades & a Functional Future, project spotlighting topics critical to building a sustainable future.


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