#WiseFood – It Can Change the World

This community conversation was hosted as part of Dysfunctions of the Decades & a Functional Future, a project which spotlights topics critical to building a sustainable future and culminates in a community-led pop-up arts and culture exhibit the evening of Earth Day, April 22nd at WOO Creative in Delray.  

Our best attended yet, people in and around Delray Beach seem to have a passion for #wisefood.  Ideas were flying at last Wednesday’s community conversation of what we can do together locally, through food, to support our health and that of the planet.

And thank goodness because if ever there were a subject riddled with dysfunction in society today, it’s our food.  We are closer to more people dying from overeating than not having enough food to eat for the first time in the history of the world.

As with many of our discussions which have been asking the question of what’s functional versus dysfunctional and we consistently see the unintended consequence of Capitalism pointing to dysfunctions. In the case of food, a hyper consumptive, hyper convenient food culture is leading to costly healthcare concerns.  Or as someone put it, “disease-care” because this is what we’re truly managing now.

So what can we do locally as a community?

A number of ideas where proposed:

  • Host a community or county wider design challenges which brings passionate people together to boldly reimagine and redesign how we could make an impact through #wisefood at the local/county level
  • Collaborate with robotics students in high school to focus robotics on urban farming practices.
  • Turning residential yards into gardens, an idea taking root in Orlando, FL
  • A community education festival dedicated to fresh, whole foods
  • Potluck in private residences on a weekly basis and in Delray’s seven community gardens on a monthly basis.
  • Gratitude gardens in which food is freely and maintained by community volunteers
  • A city-wide resolution of being 100% meatless on Mondays.
  • Start doing virtual #MeatlessMonday checkins
  • Screening documentaries covering the subject of food with children as a community
  • Forge a #wisefood coalition within Palm Beach County to include participating restaurants, local grocers, farmers markets, community gardens.

Click here to review the presentation from this community conversation.

Special thanks again to our food sponsors Purgreens & Bean Scene Productions. We appreciate not only your delicious food but your positive impacts on strengthening the community of Delray Beach through #wisefood.


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