5 #GirlBosses Leading Food, Community and Culinary Learning in Florida

Learn more about the women helping to get the word out about food and the culinary arts.

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During the month of March, WiseTribe is highlighting all things food, culinary arts, and the community.

March also happens to be Women’s History Month: The perfect opportunity to learn about #girlbosses changing food, culinary arts, and the way we eat.

Last month we pushed our #GardenGates campaign on you on our way to getting 100 of them into the community.

The goal?

To create the spark of social change required to help create the bigger vision we see: a more sustainable and equitable ecosystem for everyone.

The culinary industry of Florida offers a perfect opportunity to dive deeper.

Come with us on this culinary journey designed to help you learn about some ways to learn how food – is just one of these ways to create BIG change.


Eileen Andrade

  • What She Does: Owner of Finka Tabletop Restaurant and Amelias.
  • Why is She Inspirational? Eileen opened her first restaurant at 29 and continues to impress. In addition to being a Zagat 30 Under 30, she was also featured on Chopped.
  • #WhyShesWise: In addition to being bold, Eileen makes sure to represent her culture and roots in her food.  

Adrianne Calvo

  • What Adrianne Does: Adrieene is an American chef and television personality. In April 2007, Calvo opened her restaurant, Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar in Miami, Florida.
  • Why is She Inspirational? Calvo enrolled at the culinary school Johnson & Wales University. Winning a few culinary competitions got her the exposure she needed to cater for the 2003 World Series Florida Marlins.
  • #WhyShesWise: Calvo’s story is just one of many regarding passion, hard worth, and dedication. Adrianne is a classic example of turning your passion into a successful career.


Leigh Cort

  • What They Do: Leigh is the Founder of the Woman’s Food Alliance – an organization which cultivates and advances networking, education, and collaboration for women in the culinary and hospitality industry.
  • Why We Love Leigh: In the restaurant space, women earn 28% less than their male counterparts. Women like Leigh are wise beyond their years and understand these unfair practices have to go.
  • #WhyShesWise: Non-profits and non-governmental organizations are important to the food ecosystem. #girlbosses like Leigh help to bridge the gap between policy, education, and for-profit companies.


Dr. Ann Blount

  • What They Do: Dr. Blount is a professor at the University of Florida’s Institute of Agriculture. This 2018 Woman of the Year in Agriculture is someone you NEED to know about this month.
  • Why We Love Ann: Blount has dedicated her career to researching and implementing innovative techniques to improve fall forage production in Florida’s southern coastal areas.


  • #WhyShesWise: Among other significant contributions Blount has made to the agriculture industry include six plant patents and plant variety protection, as well as 76 cultivars and germplasm releases plus forages (Growing Produce).



Danielle Monroy

  • What They Do: Danielle is a friend of WiseTribe, and founder of eatery and organization PurGreens.
  • Why We Love Danielle: In addition to being a friend of WiseTribe, Danielle is on a mission for a more sustainable planet. A Delray Beach eatery, Purgreens has “aeroponic towers” suspended from the ceiling growing veggies and herbs. A first of its kind restaurant, Danielle and her team are on a mission to grow almost all products on aeroponically towers at the restaurant, or an off-site commercial farm.
  • #WhyShesWise: Danielle has been an avid supporter of WiseTribe and our mission – Purgreens and their help with WiseTribe has meant tremendous action right within our community.


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