Life’s an Adventure With WiseTribe

There you are.

It’s a Saturday, and you’re looking for something to do.  Your normal Netflix routine just isn’t cutting it anymore, but you’re not quite sure who to call or where to go.

You’re in luck

The WiseTribe team has something that’s going to get your juices flowing.

Keep reading if you’re ready to learn about a chance to not only hang out with us in person but to get outside of your normal routine.


Delray Beach, Top Florida Attractions + More

If you live in Delray Beach, you might be familiar with some of our favorite local attractions:


  • Seagate Beach
  • Delray Beach
  • Red Reef Park


  • Atlantic Avenue
  • Wakodahatchee Wetlands
  • Bear Necessities Farm

Volunteer Opportunities

  • WiseTribe
  • Tri-County Humane Society of Boca Raton
  • Dress For Success
  • Good Luck Cat Cafe

Places to Eat

  • Purgreens
  • The New Vegan
  • Mellow Mushroom


Living Inspired & Empowered Lives with MindBody Expo + Emilia Lujan


If you’re looking for something new and unique, we recommend you join us next Saturday, March 23rd.

Last week, we discussed our participation in the event through an exclusive interview + feature on friend of Wise Tribe Emilia Lujan.

Be sure to read up if you haven’t already.

We’ll be spending our time at Old School Square exhibiting alongside vendors like:

  • Juice2u
  • Plant Philosophy
  • My Vegan Daily



MindBody Expo provides you with a unique way to get outside of yourself, which is right in line with our mission: to think about challenges differently in order to drive big change.


Why Getting Out and Getting Active is Important

Local events, and the MindBody Expo specifically, offers YOU the chance to get outside and join WiseTribe in tackling the big issues.

You can expect a fun workshop designed to help challenge your assumptions and teach you new ways to think about things.

Adventuring, or having fun while learning new things, has a lot of direct benefits:

  • Discovering your interests – which can help you develop skills and abilities that you may not even have been aware of
  • Developing confidence and skills – this can also help you in your future (like in employment or being more independent)
  • Developing your resume – many employers look at whether or not you’ve volunteered or done something useful with your time, so it’s important to try a variety of different things
  • Developing leadership skills – getting involved can help you learn leadership skills like getting along with others and understanding and respecting diversity. Learning how to be a leader can help you in school, at home, at work, and with having a successful future
  • Giving back – volunteering and getting involved in community service or in school clubs and organizations helps you to give something of value to someone else. You get to use your skills and talents to help others
  • Meeting your neighbors – Do you actually know who lives in your neighborhood? This is a chance to find out!
  • Developing relationships and friendships – this part is really cool – you can get to know others that have the same interests as yourself

How to Get Started Adventuring

The team at Rough Guides have provided you with this great list of ways to get involved and into your local community.

  1. Go solo and say yes
  2. Seek out local experiences
  3. Escape the beaten path with volunteering
  4. Find an alternative way to visit “must-sees”
  5. Find places where adventure is the way of life
  6. Consider a different way from A to B
  7. Pack your home onto your back
  8. Be at one with nature

Whether you try one or all of these activities, we recommend challenging the status quo and thinking about new ways to challenge your assumptions and routine.


Delray Beach Families, DIYers and Holistic Enthusiasts

Our community is wide-ranging. Current and former WiseTribers represent people from all walks of life. We wouldn’t expect anything less the day of the MindBody Expo.

This community includes:

  • families
  • business owners,
  • consumers,
  • locavores,
  • foodies,
  • animal lovers,
  • fitness enthusiasts
  • those who simply want to find out more about living a conscious lifestyle


Which is the beauty of our time there – a passionate group of community members coming together around a common theme: conscious living.

Conscious living requires getting OUT of your comfort zone and making new connections.

Getting into the community, enjoying nature, and meeting new people – just some of the ways you can get to know yourself and others better.


Getting Outside, Connecting With Nature and Getting to Know Your Tribe

Getting outside of your comfort zone allows new opportunities, experiences, and moments to reflect.

Community engagement and local events around shared passions and interests are OUR idea of adventure.

Delray Beach and MindBody Expo offer you the perfect opportunity to get a 360° view of different ways to seek your own definition of adventure.

Our community blends people from all income levels and backgrounds into a unique melting pot.

The Expo offers a platform to some of the different businesses, people, and attractions which make Delray Beach so unique – and the perfect opportunity for you to claim your slice of the pie.

Get Your Adventure on!

Join us March 23rd at MindBody Expo


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