Living Inspired and Empowered Lives with Emilia Lujan of the MindBody Expo

MindBody Expo, is a one-day event dedicated to women, men, children and families interested in enhancing all areas of their lives. Their mission is to educate, inspire, motivate and empower others so they can live happy, healthy, productive lives.

It returns to Old School Square located in Downtown Delray Beach for its 6th year, Saturday, March 23, 2019 from 11am-4pm.


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MindBody Expo was founded in 2013, by board-certified wellness educator and strategist Sandra Tribioli.

Their mission?

To educate, inspire, motivate and empower Delray Beach and beyond to live happier healthier, productive lives.


It Starts in Delray Beach

Delray Beach offers a special opportunity – our unique community of forward-thinking thought leaders is capitalizing on earth moving trends and sustainable movements.

MindBody Expo is one of those movements – this event returns to Old School Square in Downtown Delray Beach for its 6th year.




Where Consumption Meets Consciousness

MindBody Expo was created as a one day, one-stop marketplace, where local conscientious consumers, locavores, foodies, animal lovers, fitness enthusiasts who want to find out more about living a conscious lifestyle.

This FREE event is your opportunity to join WiseTribe in learning more about what it takes to inspire the next generation of thought leaders on healthy, sustainable habits.

SAVE THE VEGGIES! Food Waste Reduction matters and more…

We recently had an opportunity to speak with Emilia Lujan, President & CEO of MindBody Expo to get the details and know what to expect.

Emilia let us know that FUN is a central theme to their mission, which aligns well with our style.

We all know sustainability and community development are BIG issues, which is why you can expect to find WiseTribe there.

With our help, attendees will learn how simple starting-up backyard composting can be and why getting serious about food waste can foster a healthy planet.

Our Garden Gates initiative will also be showcased to spark the imagination for re-thinking waste encourage more families to take on upcycling projects.  

Emilia gave WiseTribe a little more perspective on what we can come to expect through participating.

MindBody Expo: Building Community Through a Holistic Experience

Emilia let us know that the MindBody Expo, is a one-day event happening in MULTIPLE locations.

It sounds like they’ll need it considering this event is dedicated to women, men, children, and families who are interested in enhancing all areas of their lives.

This will be a magical experience!

The MindBody Expo’s commitment to enhancing lives is right in line with our commitment to #wisechoices – particularly with your food through initiatives like Meatless Mondays.

We will be there spreading the message of wellness and sustainability – particularly food sustainability!

This FREE experience is one you do not want to miss: an action-packed day with fitness demos, phenomenal speakers, vegan food, and awesome vendors for the whole family to enjoy.

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Join Us on March 23rd

Expect to find us in Downtown Delray on Saturday, March 23, 2019, from 11am-4pm.

WiseTribe and our Food Waste Warriors will be collaborating with our friends and partners Plant Philosophy LLC.

We’ve joined forces to conduct a soil and food waste composting demo which will be provided, in part, by our young Junior WiseTribers from Carver Middle School. 

FREE Entry, Healthy Food Vendors, Holistic Care + More

Guests have the opportunity to speak directly to business owners, ask questions, get assessments, holistic care, personally see, listen, touch, feel and taste products, as well as, discovering and shopping for the latest in self-care technology.


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