Introducing Junior WiseTribers

Hatching from our work with Carver Middle School, our first class of Junior WiseTribers has been born. Together with the students and staff, we have been implementing a community food system at the school and kick-started an urban farming movement via upcycling projects and nutritional awareness

We are expanding Junior WiseTriber to make a greater impact in our communities. Junior WiseTribers will build bridges between Palm Beach County schools, school families and local restaurants through urban backyard farming and sell their produce in small batches. In the process, we learn the importance of sustainable consumption and production patterns which help us to reduce carbon footprint, enhance health, and generate solutions through commerce as a community.

With our help, Junior WiseTribers are setting up mini backyard farms so they can produce food for sale and we connect to a network of buyers to sell small batch of produces. Junior WiseTribers gain valuable entrepreneurial skills and insight into environmentally sustainability business models.

By serving as a both a mentor and customer of small batches of produce from Junior WiseTribers, Dani Monroy, Owner & Operator of Purgreens is teaching us local food production practices while challenging Junior WiseTribers to think through of the total impact of your business on the planet and local community.

As we cultivate Junior WiseTribers, we look forward to working with more members of the community as mentors and volunteers who are committed to a wiser future. Junior WiseTribers develops leaders through enhanced levels of awareness of the interconnectedness of our world and the integral part food plays in transforming so much of our future. It will help improve educational outcomes in our schools, make a significant impact on our environment, and move our neighborhoods forward

To those of you who have sponsored WiseTribe’s efforts to develop local solutions, we thank You. This is vital program for WiseTribe which would not have been possible without the heartfelt support from those who see and understand the WiseTribe vision as a bedrock on which we can build a sustainable future. Guiding this youthful energy and leadership will have truly beneficial impacts on our future by encouraging greater awareness of sustainable consumption and production patterns.


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