Meet Mitha: Junior WiseTriber extraordinaire!

Mitha is a tenth grader at Atlantic High School, and a force for change in the way we produce and consume food in her family, neighborhood, and the wider Delray Beach community.  This week of Earth Day, we bring you her thoughts on how we can tweak our habits to achieve greater sustainability.

WT: Hi Mitha, why is Earth Day important to you?
Mitha: It is not ironic that yesterday was both Earth Day and Meatless Monday.  One thing that we as a global community should consider is how we are treating our planet and our body.

WT: Why do you think it sometimes seems hard for people to change?
Mitha: It is easy for us, especially in this generation, to imitate one another even though we know the consequences.  We need to learn to lead instead.

WT: What advice do you have for people who are looking to change, but think it’s too big a challenge?
Mitha:  We do not have to stop our norms that have become customs instantly, but we can try to do it one day at a time.


“We have met our enemy and he is us.” -Anonymous

This week of Earth Day, thank you Mitha for sharing your thoughts!  We look forward to her wisdom and leadership as she becomes a regular WiseTribe blog contributor in the months to come.


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