Turn up the Learning this Summer!

Whahooo! It’s Summer!

Summertime means kids can take time to relax and recharge after the hard work of the school year. However, for any society that wishes to be healthy and balanced, the “lazy days of summer” come with a significant hidden cost: the dreaded summer slide.

Studies show that students lose academic ground over the summer. Depending on the socioeconomic factors of a family, the summer slide has a compounding effect on disadvantaged, low income students, costing as much as two to three years of worth of learning! 


With so much human potential at risk, low literacy is a national crisis that affects all of us and our broader economy, as well as a healthy, balanced society. WiseTribers understand literacy is not only a private family matter. This is why our 1000 WiseTribers program encourages the three key actions to encourage learning: teaching a Word of the Week, mentoring, and donating at least one children’s book per year to a local library or school.

By taking the time to understand the facts of this issue and working together to combat the literacy crisis head on, we can help to ensure children are getting the resources and attention they need to be strong readers and successful members of society.

Thankfully there are many summer programs promoting opportunities in Delray Beach to engage children’s minds over the summer, including our own Youth Sustainability Leadership Camp.  We always love collaborating on teen leadership programs with the Delray Beach Public Library, who is our partner in this year’s summer camp. We are also excited to be organizing youth team to compete in their Summer “Spellebration” event. If you want to be involved with either of these as mentors and coaches, drop us an email at Together [@] wisetribe.us to explore how you can get involved.

Here are ways you can keep children’s minds engaged over the summer months:

  • Keep it fun – focus on discovery, exploration and excitement
  • Read, read, read!
  • Turn daily activities, like cooking, into opportunities to learn math and science
  • Take advantage of great local programs
  • Encourage creativity & curiosity

Together we can make a difference and transform the lives of our children and communities by getting involved in advocating for education and volunteering at public libraries and summer camps which engage children.

Just think of all the growing and learning YOU will gain!


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