#MeatlessMonday, a quest for food sustainability in PBC Schools

If you’ve been following WiseTribe, you know in our quest for a wiser world that we celebrate #MeatlessMonday, a global movement to increase personal and environmental health by forgoing meat once a week.

In the Fall of 2016, WiseTribe teamed up with a passionate group of 3rd graders from Spady Elementary School to energize #MeatlessMonday here locally in Delray Beach, FL. This short video highlights our collaboration story with these young change-makers for starting-up a local #MeatlessMonday movement.

Now, as a way of educating the next generation on healthy eating and how our food choices impact the animals and the environment, Valeria, one of the young co-founders of this local effort, wants to see #MeatlessMonday observed in Palm Beach County Schools.

You can get a glimpse Valeria when she was in the 4th grade in this video sharing the health and environmental impacts animal agriculture is having on society.

Ever since 2016, Valeria has been encouraging people to understand the many benefits of #MeatlessMonday and to shift their dietary choices one day a week towards plant-based meals for the sake of healthy diets, reducing environmental degradation, and preventing animal cruelty.

WiseTribe is honored to support this young leader as she aims to take our collaboration to the next level. Similar to what New York City Schools will be implementing this school year, Valeria wants to see #MeatlessMonday implemented in Palm Beach Schools and she needs the help of other WiseTribers.

To support this forward thinking endeavor, WiseTribe is seeking others who share the vision of awaking  the next generation to the sensibility food sustainability. We need help with organizing and activating an information campaign that educates children, parents, teachers, school administrators and politicians.

So if you, too, would like to see Palm Beach County Schools increase awareness of healthy eating and how our diets are connected to the environment, please send us an email at together [@] wisetribe.us and we will be in touch with the date of our first meeting!

Have a Happy #MeatlessMonday!

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