Planting Seeds of Change

Without question, the greatest personal satisfaction I derive from WiseTribe is working with aspiring young change-makers.

This summer WiseTribe has a handful of young women working with us as interns, some of whom I have worked with for years.

They recently presented an interesting, and yet simple, idea to get people thinking about their role in making change, particularly by being a source of inspiration and influence to others.

The idea is regenerating food and starting seeds based on what is already in your kitchen – and documenting and sharing your journey.

The premise is simple. To paraphrase Arthur Ashe: start where you, do what you can, use what you have — and share what you learn, whether you succeed or fail. At WiseTribe, we wholeheartedly embrace the concept of failing forward.

Last night I boiled yellow peppers to make a pureed sauce as part of my dinner. I decided to begin my seed starting journey with these seeds. I am curious to see, after withstanding boiling temperatures, a metaphor of our times, if the seeds still posse the potential to grow.

Whatever the outcome, we at WiseTribe are looking forward to this learning adventure with Mother Nature.

Our world is drastically changing as a result of COVID. WiseTribe initiatives with regard to food production are in line with trends emerging in a post-pandemic society: backyard farming, self reliance, and greater awareness of our food sources.

Our Seeds of Change project is a forward looking adventure we can all participate in for the sake of rethinking the future of food and for the sake of being a source of inspiration and influence of change.

We hope you will join us in this Seeds of Change adventure.

Best Wishes from all of us at WiseTribe,

Jacqueline Botting

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