Seeds Of Change – Lizzie’s Story

A “seed of change” grows differently than the seeds that preceded it. 

Hi I’m Lizzie an undergrad at the University of Florida, studying horticulture in the classroom and holistic wellness and sustainability at home!

To me, a seed of change represents leadership, creativity, and hope. Fundamentally the seed is like its peers, yet this seed takes a different approach at growth. The seed knows it can grow tall and fruitful, it believes in an infinite growth potential. It does not achieve this success by acting selfish and attacking it’s fellow garden mates, rather the seed shares its resources and inspires the others to grow alongside. 

The seed’s ability to see beyond the current state and help others see that too is what makes this seed a “a seed of change”. As a friend and health coach, I hold space for people to believe in their dreams and help them uncover their path to achieving it.

I make a difference every day by showing up as a seed of change. I make a difference by living the change and inspiring others to live it alongside me! Through social media and my blog I share vegan recipes, the lines between science and spirituality, and challenge people to questions their ‘autopilot’ ways of living that ultimately harm the planet and their health. I think it’s crucial to meet people where they are at. I share things that grab people’s attention and then take it a step deeper. In chaotic times right now I see the possibilities of great transformation, but not everyone is in the state of mind to hear such positivity. I recognize people are at different stages of change and I think by addressing topics in a way that connects back to their own life gets people to think deeper and question their daily actions. 

A big motivator for me everyday is thinking about the suffering ecosystems (human included). I would love to see people question where their food comes from because food plays a big role in the health of our planet and bodies. 

The public drives the food system, and the only way to change it is if we start to change our consumption patterns. I want people to try my vegan recipes and include more plants in their life. This summer with WiseTribe I facilitated a program for students which included cooking a vegan meal with their family and thinking about the role food plays in our daily lives, for better or worse. Additionally, I’m coordinating monthly cook-a-longs with community members who want to go LIVE on Instagram to cook a vegan meal. I hope my efforts to engage students and families in plant-based cooking inspire them to eat more veggies and create a ripple effect within the community. (email me if you want to lead a cook-a-long!)

Influencing Your Community

Personally, I love being a student of life and I believe this quality has taken me far, but recently it’s been my time to step up into a teacher role. Both are important roles that deserve respect. As a teacher, one must always be open to learning, and as a student, one must not be afraid to question the teachings. 

I have spread myself thin many times attempting to help all the causes and learn so many topics, but this doesn’t result in deep meaningful change. I have learned from my past and now aim to dedicate my energy to a few areas that align with my true passions and gifts. 

I encourage every leader to find what really drives their heart and focus on that. Say “NO” to distractions, trust that the other causes have people dedicated to them. This does not mean to not care about them, rather be intentional about where you want to spend your time and energy. 

Once you have honed in on your area you are able to speak more confidently and passionately on the topic. This energy will be contagious and people will be wanting to hear more and implement change. This is how I show up online and in life, and for anyone reading I encourage you to try the same!

Nourishing My Seeds

A seed will remain just a seed without fertile soil to grow in. WiseTribe has been soil to me in many ways from introducing me to non-profit work, entrusting me to facilitate a full 8-week summer program, engaging me in meaningful conversations about communities and global change, and proving to me that there are people out there like me that get it! WiseTribe aligns with everything I believe in: community-centered approaches to growing food, educating students, and closing gaps within the bigger systems. WiseTribe has provided the soil for my seed to grow, I have met so many wonderful souls that have given me a greater perspective on the world. I would not have grown as tall without the opportunity to connect with and fertilize other seeds in the community. I believe we are stronger together. I believe in the power of human connection, and I see this is the soil that binds WiseTribe together.


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