Seeds of Change – Aaliyah’s Story

To be a seed of change is to grow and adapt to the environment around you. While constantly making the effort to make the people around you and your environment a better place.

For me it’s pretty simple to be the voice for the voiceless aka the People of Color. Go into your community, feed the homeless, educate others around you, volunteer ect.  These are small actions you can do on your own in your community. To truly make a significant change we have to start getting our people in government positions. That holds all the power to help communities that have been overlooked time and time again.

I would like to see more people talking more about climate change, politics and the homelessness crisis. Aside from that I’ll like to see families, schools, churches everywhere honestly growing their own produce.

 I can educate others on how to garden the traditional way and using hydroponic and aquaponic systems. All the knowledge and wisdom I have learned and that has been passed down to me over the years. I will reteach what I’ve  learned to them so they can succeed and go farther in life than me. 

WiseTribe has been fertile soil in various ways, especially in the role of being the community food solutions coordinator. This role has helped become more involved in the community and built those vital relationships where I live. Overall WiseTribe has helped develop my self development.


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