Seeds of Change – Dina’s Story

To be a seed of change means to be open, to receive knowledge as water, to sprout and grow to produce change. 

I am educating myself, and being a model in my household of the change that I want to see. Being a community food manager has widened my horizon on how the simple things, such as answering and making a phone call, can spark great difference in  our lives. 

To be a seed of change in this moment is to be aware of how tasting your fruit will change another’s life, and to be inspiring, growing as an example of how we wish others would make a difference. Just look at ourselves and question what we want to shift in order to reach the goal of actually creating the change. Especially right now, every choice we make has an impact, even when we choose not to act. Starting right now to build a firm foundation that we can benefit from.

Being a seed of change will bring awareness of the different attributions to change around me. It shows others the different possibilities of making a difference by just the way they choose to live.

We can grow seeds locally by connecting with others, maybe they have started the seeds and the seed just needs watering to grow, so we can be that sprinkle of water that allows the seed to grow. The impact the connection will have on the seed is everlasting.

I want to see greater awareness in every aspect of our lives. Change truly comes when we are aware that something needs to change. I want us to continue to engage in conversation to see which branch the change we can produce will come from. The magic of understanding comes from communicating with each other and everyone’s knowledge is valuable in producing.

Education is an extremely essential tool to affect change. In my case, I try to explain the choices I make to my surroundings and hope they understand how their behaviors can make such an impact. 

In order for the seed to benefit society it must work to elevate others and create a just education system that aims to educate instead of training. It would create a sustainable economic system that would allow others to meet their needs while protecting the planet. However, others may argue a sustainable economic system is contradictory, the aim is simply for a system that is intentionally designed to benefit every member of society rather than a chosen few.

WiseTribe is a growing model of what can occur when individuals are open to engage in conversation. WiseTribe has allowed me to become aware of things in my community and truly how one individual can create great impact. However, the impact would never occur without the involvement of others. This has shown me that, accept it or not, we need each other to grow and get closer to our goals.

Dina Bazou

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