Seeds of Change – Sierra’s Story

To me, being a seed of change means impacting my environment positively and creating new, healthier habits.

I think producing change is simple, maybe more so in these chaotic times because of the time we have. With more time to go to the beach, I use this time to pick up more trash and to see the greater world around me. It is not just about creating my own bunch of seedlings, it is about making the shift to live a more sustainable life and learn about my own impact.

Locally, it would be nice to have a more tight-knit community between every person no matter of beliefs or cultural background. Understanding our neighbors is a huge part of growth as we can cultivate a collective effort towards sustainable efforts and education. With my direct efforts, to create this I want to start a conversation for these individuals and start from there.

By being positive and cultivating my own efforts so the community can see my own success and I can act as a leader for others who may have trouble starting on their journey. We should all learn to listen to others in our community and respect their opinions as this is the beginning of education and you can lead by example if you do not necessarily agree.

WiseTribe has connected me to a community of like-minded individuals who also want to see this positive change. I have also been able to grow with my own beliefs regarding what I can do in my own backyard and within my house.


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