Seeds of Change – Téa’s Story

My name is Tea Tallone, class of 2022. I am currently going into my third year at Lynn University, and majoring in Television & Film Productions B.F.A in the Communications and Design Program. Besides my on ice passion for hockey my concern for the environment and my community has always been a deep interest of mine. 

What it means to me to be a seed of change is like being apart of something bigger than yourself for the better of our environment. 

I think I can make a difference and produce change by being active in volunteering and giving to those who need it more than I do in times like these. 

I want to be able to see everyone in my community not have to struggle with everyday life things, such as eating a meal. I want to be able to volunteer enough and start a seed wave in my generation. 

I can educate others by showing statistics and internet searches like any other person, but I would like to educate people with real life experiences, actually going out and helping someone or a family in need. 

Being a part of this summer internship program with WiseTribe has been such a learning experience for me. All of the lovely women I worked with over the course of this summer have taught me so much of what it means to be a WiseTriber: helping those in need, being environmentally sound, teaching those around us, and being a part of helping to change the world for the better.

Téa Tallone

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