Seeds of Change – Tiffany’s Story

To be a seed of change is to be able to plant an idea, a movement. To sow a seed of kindness and awareness. To nurture the seed by providing it knowledge and water it to watch the idea grow into a reality. To harvest and share the fruits with our communities and teach them how to do the same. To me, WiseTribe is that seed that was planted in me to spread kindness and awareness. To share knowledge of sustainability that can impact the lives of others in need.

I believe we can all make a difference and produce change if we first start within our own home. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Practice saying positive affirmations out loud to manifest positive energy in your home. Then speak positivity into others around you. Help others when you can and practice kindness. Finally, spread knowledge. Teach our community about sustainability, how to grow gardens at home, how to build hydroponics farms and nutritional elements for a meatless diet. Sharing knowledge and spreading positive vibes is my way of making a change in these chaotic times.

I would love to see more schools incorporate farming into their educational curriculum. Taking a class in growing food and caring for a garden should be a requirement for all K-12. Teaching children early about sustainability instills a lifestyle that they can teach their kids and so on. Learning the different plants and how they grow, and their nutritional benefits has been the most exciting for me and I love to share this knowledge with WiseTribes audience. 

I can educate others by planting the seed of knowledge using social media. Spreading the word about WiseTribes mission is the seed that is planted to our followers. All our posts are educational and informative. We encourage everyone to share our posts with their community. Our social media presence calls for volunteers to lend a helping hand, Do-ers to lead and for our communities to come together.

WiseTribe has been the fertile soil for my seeds to grow. The idea that we can make a difference if we come together has been the seed that is flourishing from the fertile soil. I have been fed so much knowledge and interacting with other WiseTribers has been a learning experience. From learning about composting to growing our own food, WiseTribe has provided the tools to change my way of thinking.


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