Seeds of Change – Romaine’s Story

Being a seed of change to me represents the power of the impact of one person. It’s a reminder that every decision I make towards positive change, also positively impacts or causes a positive ripple effect for the greater good.

I know I can make a difference by being perseverant, by sharing openly my journey. Sharing what I have learned and provided resources to those who express interest. Many times people just want to see evidence that change can be impacted and so each person showing up and showing that small changes can affect on a larger scale is a huge deal.

In my city of Miramar, they do a great job of creating inclusion and also an opportunity to grow. I think I can grow more if I lean into those opportunities and get more involved in our community garden, helping to bring even more awareness that it exists and also how fruitful that relationship can be.

In this age of social media, we have the opportunity to make an immediate impact with a simple share. For me, I know I can help others through social media, through sharing my voice and continuing to show up.

Wisetribe has been an amazing launchpad for me to think about my choices with more intention. Since joining the WiseTribe community – I have started a patio garden, a small compost, I have been more thoughtful around food scraps and my carbon footprint. It has been an amazing journey and I am forever changed.


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